Bodygroup Changer With NAMES!

Would this be possible? 'Cause I am tired of people getting confused on a lot of my model releases on which bodygroup does what, and it would be a nice thing to have and all. So, what I am proposing is a bodygroup changer that displays the names of the main bodygroups (though not the subgroups, as they don’t have names, I think). Is this at all possible? And if so, please, by all means, script it up!

I believe subgroups do have names. My thinking is, if the faceposer can pull names of flexes out of the model, couldn’t a bodygroup stool pull the names of the bodygroups as well? I’m really not sure what kind of compile information can be pulled from a model while ingame though.

If Souce SDK can do it, why not Gmod?

Well bodygroups do get specified in the QC via

$bodygroup "bodygroupname"
studio "path to bodygroup"
studio "path to other bodygroup"
$bodygroup "otherbodygroupname"
same as before

It’s certain that both the bodygroup name as well as the SMD names used for the bodygroups are stored in the resulting MDL.

As the bodygroup names themselves are displayed in HLMV and the SMD names remain intact when decompiling the model.

So the data does actually exist.

It would be very useful considering the extent of some bodygroups like on Bloocobalt’s weapons.

Or Necrobard’s 40K marines with literally over a thousand bodygroups

Holy shit

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but anyways, this would be nice and convenient, annoying trying to figure out which bodygroup is which on certain models, all sort of annoying combinations and what-not

So this is… not possible?

I believe it is fully possible, but it seems it has been ignored, just like a lot of good LUA ideas.

There’s no way to do this without a custom module to fetch their names, like gm_modelinfo, which if I remember correctly is broken currently.

Ah well at least that’s some info about the issue. One could always try bugging garry about making the stuff grabbable trough lua, but I doubt that would go anywhere.