Bodygroup Changer

Well it looks like Garry’s Mod had yet another update during my absence. And wouldn’t you know it, something I had installed no longer works. The Bodygroup Changer tool!

I’ve dug around the Steam Workshop and can’t seem to find it anywhere. Does it no longer exist, or is it under a different name? If anyone can point me in the right direction that’d be appreciated. I’m sure this isn’t the right spot to ask, buuut it does revolve around models, so yeah

You don’t need a tool for it any more. Hold C (or whatever you have the context menu bound to) and right click on the object for a dropdown menu that lets you change the bodygroups and skin.

It is a builtin function of the c-menu now

hold down C ingame and right click on the model, bodygroup options should be there.

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