Bodygroup help plz

hey, i downloaded the shirtless tf2 models, but the bodygroup tool obviosly isnt on tf2 or sfm, so, is there a way to get rid of all the bodygroups so they’re completely shirtless on tf2, and dont have anything on (besides pants obviously) on sfm? i’d also like it if i could keep the shoes/bare feet bodygroup for sfm.

In sfm bodygroups can be changed in the element viewer tab, next to the animation set editor, with your character selected. The number next to the line ‘Body’. But this is numeric, so unless someone tells me how the numeric arrangement works it’s trial and error.

well, the bodygroups are weird for them. like, for the scout, bodygroup 1 only gets rid of the hat. 2 gets rid of the headset, 3 the dogtags, 4 the backpack, 5 the armbands, and 6 the socks and shoes. idk why, but it does that with all of the shirtless and nudie (lol downloaded for fun) models.

Uh…yeah, its supposed to be like that.

Its not wierd, if it wasnt like that then the bodygroups would suck.