Bodygroup mesh uses bone as root instead of just bone!!

The root for the helmet is down at the buttom. the same with the normal body. But it seems that once in modelviewer. The bone Helmet is used as root. It shouldn’t do that!
Any ideas?

Give me SMD files and I will give you working version as quick as I can.

Which bone have you assigned for helmet mesh ?

The helmet mesh is assigned to the helmet bone. And that is parented to the head bone. In modelviewer you can see the helmet bone is highlighted.

How does the .dmx/.smd file for helmet look like when you import it alone to your modelling program ? Is the whole skeleton there or just the ones assigned to the mesh ?

i don’t understand your question. my model program is blender and all the parts including skeleton are there.

Go to Blender, put the helmet back to the model in “Object Mode”. After you have done it, press A on your keyboard then apply “Location” and “Rotation”.

Then assign the helmet to the “helmet” bone, that you are talking about.

If that didn’t help, you can add me on Steam and I will explain there further.