Bodygroup Question

Okay, so I’s just like to know how do I add bodygroups parts to a model that I ported, if someone could make a little tutorial explaining the process from the 3ds max part to the .qc part, I would be grateful.

Bodygroups kind of function like layers in photoshop (if that actually helps at all). If you want to have bodygroups for heads, then your reference model ($model) would be the body – headless. The heads would be stored in separate reference files. If the entire body is bodygrouped for any reason, the reference model would just be the biped.

Here’s an example of how it would function in your QC file:

$bodygroup head
    studio "head01.smd"
    studio "head02.smd"

This would mean that by default, head01 is used because it is the first model listed. The second head is just a different variant, and the third is blank, meaning the third variant is empty in case you wish to allow the user to “turn off” the item being used, which in this case would make the character headless. This is good for different bits of armor or clothing which are optional. If blank is used in the first line, the item is off by default, but can be toggled by changing bodygroups.

Lets see if I understood, I should left only the head with the changes tha I made and in the .qc I $bodygroup head where “head” is the head bone name?

The name following $bodygroup is just the name of the group for making things easier. It serves no other purpose, though cannot conflict with $model or other $bodygroups. The references can be named whatever is easier for you like usual.

And this head1.smd i should export it as reference? and what exactly changes I must make to the original model when export it as bodygroup?

The only changes made are splitting the model. You can either keep them as separate files or just hide the other meshes when you export – that’s up to you.



The names are up to you. Head was just an example. Just make sure that the bones and such are included when you export.

So when I want to make a bodygroup I just delete the parts that will not be used so in this model for example:

I would delete her body keeping the bones and lowering her hood for example, am I right?

The hood just needs to be split into a separate mesh. From there, you can either hide it when you export the body and vice versa to export the hood, or you can just delete the hood, save the body to a separate file, and vice versa again. Sorry, I’m awful at explaining things.

No, you explained quite well What sucks is instead of just hidding the parts of the hair that would clip with the hood I just deleted it, so I’ll need to redo somethings that I didn’t did on the backup file.

If that’s the case, make the hair part of the hood and rather than blank, have it change the hair. In other words, variant one has the hood and the clipped hair and variant two just has the original hair.

Oh and an off-topic question she has 93204 polygons, does she still portable to source or i’ll need to delete something?

How’d you end up with that many polygons in the first place? Ideally the smaller the polycount the better – as small as you can go while preserving the detail you want is what’s best. The Dante model and the Miku model I have are both around ~20k polygons by default which is still quite a bit. If you have that many polygons, your model either has way more polygons than necessary, or you may have a duplicate mesh or something somewhere. If you can’t shrink the polycount for any reason, you should at least consider using $lod.

Its because of the skyrim clothes i’ve used on the meshmod, they are very high poly.

Well she’s not close to be finished, I’ll try deleting some parts that can’t be seen so it may shrink a bit, but the problems are with the boots,hood and cape they are very high-poly, any suggestion to a charcter that have a similiar boots, hood or/and cape, so I can use them instead?

Oh and you really didn’t answer my question she’s still portable if I don’t edit her?

I recommend you go and hit the person who made the clothes in the first place with a nerfstick until they bleed. The topology on that model is nowhere insane enough to ever require this many

Eitherway, it should still work in source. But it really depends on the tristrips more than anything else. As to lower poly boots. I think vidictus might have something you could use, aalternatively you might find something in less polygons in Tera online. Can’t think of anything with a cape tough. Could always try decimating it somewhat though.

Yeah, those guys on Skyrim Nexus are insane!

For the boots I was thinking about Triss Merigold’s boots from The Witcher, The hood I think I can search around Skyrim Nexus might have something with less polygons, and the cape I really don’t know.

Man it’s incredibly hard to find a “clothed” model of Triss, when I search Triss Merigold on Google the first 5 results are rule 34 lol

Oh and there’s also Sheva fairy Tale costume from Resident Evil 5 who have’s an hood, an cape and a knee-sized boots.

Blade Symphony has some capes which gave me an idea on how to handle jigglebones for them, but I haven’t been able to get any of the models to decompile – though I haven’t really tried much yet.

Okay here’s what I got possibly the final model:

It would be good if you can give me some final advices.

Is she the new Red Riding Hood? On a side note, just make the hair a part of her hood bodygroup and make her hood-less bodygroup her full hair. That should allow you to keep her hair from clipping when her hood is on.

They could also just remove the parts of the hair mesh that’s meant to be covered by the hood, thus keeping the hair in place for the hooded bodygroup.

That only works until you take the hood off. Then you just have half your hair.