$bodygroup with flexes

Anyone already sorted it out?

I found a model in Alien Swarm that has a submodel with flexes, haven’t looked for in other games like the L4D series, and I’m not sure if it could work in the current engine Gmod stands, but it would be something interesting to try.

Here it is the Parasite model from Alien Swarm if u want to check it:

I already tryed to decompile it without success, still im pretty sure it will not have any data related to the flex system.

Well for one, the mdls files, only contain 4 files, like l4d, there was a program that could fill the other 2 missing files needed, to decompile it.

It’s not a program, its a batch script, you can do it also manually, just copy the file parasite.vtx and rename it to parasite.dx90.vtx, again to parasite.dx80.vtx and again to parasite.sw.vtx, thats the trick.

Ah alright.

It seem to decompile, but no QC, just 2 smd.

Well as far as i know from experience, flex won’t work when bodygroup on gmod, if it work on the other source, gmod needs to be updated to support this.

It might be the engine itself that allow you to still use flex on a bodygroup area.