Bodygroup'd MR-C Rifle




This package contains a Bodygroup'd MR-C with seperate Magazine model.


Credits and shit

MR-C(For P90)

General Tso - Model/UV's
TheLama - Eotech model
Teh Snake - Texturing/Compiling
-WildBill- - Animating

MR-C Vertgrip Version(For AUG)

General Tso - Model/UV's - MRC
Twinke Masta - Model/UV's - Acog
Stoke - Model/UV's - Vertgrip
Thanez - Skin - Acog
Sureshot - Skin - Vertgrip
-WildBill- - Animations
Teh Snake - Texturing/Compiling/anims fix

MR-C Bodygroup Edition

Taggart - Scaling, Hacking, Compiling



drag-drop the Materials and Models folder into the main garrysmod directory.



For messing with Bodygroups I suggest the bodygroup changer which can be found at

bodygroups are as follows -

Bodygroup 1 - Grips
Subgroup 1 - Vertical Grip
Subgroup 2 - Grenade Launcher
Subgroup 3 - Open Grenade Launcher
Subgroup 4 - No Grip

Bodygroup 2 - Sights
Subgroup 1 - Red Dot
Subgroup 2 - ACOG
Subgroup 3 - None

Bodygroup 3 - Laser
Subgroup 1 - Laser Off
Subgroup 2 - Laser On

Bodygroup 4 - Magazine
Subgroup 1 - Magazine
Subgroup 2 - No Magazine

Bodygroup 5 - Barrel
Subgroup 1 - Flash Hider
Subgroup 2 - Silencer


Get it here!
Bodygroup Changer >>>

looks awesome

Great work with the bodygroups.


Thats awesome man

Needs more bayonet.

I think you should have rescaled it a bit. Still good work.

It already was scaled so that it would fit CSS models

but if you want me t’ scale it for HL2 models I’ll get it done after I’ve got the national guard shit to Lt_C


Are these for CSS? please reply.


but they’re still on a CSS rig

Weird ass looking gun, but nice.

someone should do this w. m16 or m4

Very nice man, I considered doing something like this for a different gun.