Bodygroups and eyes

Hey, everyone. I want to create playermodels which consists of bodygroups (head, body and legs), to change everything with them. But there is a problem: in default citizen model there are flexes and eyeballs:

$model "male_01" "male_01.smd" {
     flexfile "mdldecompiler_expressions.vta" {
          flex "AU42" frame 5
          flexpair "AU1" 1.0 frame 6
          flexpair "AU2" 1.0 frame 7
          flexpair "AU4" 1.0 frame 8
     eyeball righteye ValveBiped.Bip01_Head1 -1.360 -4.104 67.487 eyeball_r 1.000  4.000 mouth 0.680
     eyeball lefteye ValveBiped.Bip01_Head1 1.354 -4.104 67.479 eyeball_l 1.000  -4.000 mouth 0.680
     // If you uncomment the following lines the eyes will be closed

But if i use bodygroups for head - I can’t add “flexfile” and “eyeball” to $bodygroup:

$modelname "player/bodygrouper.mdl"

$bodygroup head
	studio "head.smd"

Is there any way to save flexes and eyeballs for heads?

you cant have multiple heads on a model

Indeed. I’m pretty sure using face flexes means you need to avoid using bodygroups on the head altogether or vice-verse.