Bodygroups and YOU

Yeah, I posted this everywhere else, but it’s a comic, and it’s actually informative and pertains to comic makers. so if you missed it before, here it is.

Thanks for making my random login worth it

Informative and humorous.

I didn’t know citizen models used bodygroups too…

They don’t.

Those are my (and Lt_C’s\Enhanced_AI’s) Enhanced Citizens V2, which in my opinion are better than default HL2 citizens.

Great comic Lt_C, very informative and somewhat funny as well.

Oh oops.

Should have noticed the individual fingers…

Well anyway, the bodygroup changer tool IS brilliant.

Hahaha, Lt, you’re the best man.

Felt like a valve tutorial within a game, very nicely done.

Very well made with great humor.

Oh yeeeeah? Well where’s yer tutorial for making bodygroups, smart guy?

No really where is it? I need it.

Rig bodygroup model to skeleton in position as you’ll want it.
Export to smd
add this to the QC

$bodygroup First
	studio "bodygroup1_1.smd"
	studio "bodygroup1_2"
$bodygroup second
	studio "Bodygroup2_1"

Voila you now have two toggleable bodygroups.

And nice comic|tutorial. Shame the bodygroup tool isn’t better :frowning:

That comic got a laugh out of me, very nice. Thanks for the tutorial, helped me out.