Bodygroups appear out of place in playermodel opposed to original ragdoll

So, I just finished my new playermodel and even if all should be fine and working as it should, something is still irking me, this is something that happened with previous playermodels as well, basically, even when the QC, textures and models are taken stright from the original addon, the various bodygroups, used to make different facial expressions, are coloured differently / stick out as seen here (LEFT = ORIGINAL RAGDOLL; RIGHT = PLAYERMODEL RAGDOLL):

As stated before, everything is taken straight from the ragdoll, with only modification in poses, bones and added QC lines to make it a playermodel, is it a problem that’s inherently unfixable and caused by, idk, the animations included and such?
Since there is no real help needed, as it should be fine as it is, it has the simple “question” tag instead of the help, I will post QC etc. if necessary.