Bodygroups have lighting issues in Playermodels compared to original

I’m back with a “new” problem, not really new because I already made a post about this but it got no attention, I’ll keep it short, constantly, when I make a playermodel using an existing ragdoll all of the bodygroups stand out instead of blending in like in the original addon, this doesn’t make sense because the textures are the same, same with the model, and it’s not an isolated case since similar playermodels in the workshop have the same problem, the image below is all you need to see, left picture is the original ragdoll from Yunpol’s generation 5 pokemon and the right picture is my playermodel, you can notice the bodygroups easily, the eyes:

If you had a similar issue and resolved it, please respond, I will also post this in the new facepunch forums with a bounty of as much as I own.

Vertex normals along the edge of the bodygroup are off. You’ll have to import both meshes and edit them to fix this and how you do that depends on which program you’re using

Let’s say I’m using Blender, just as an example of course, what do?
EDIT: This was a stupid question, the better question would be, do I just do this (last answer)?:
EDIT EDIT: The last answer was probably not the answer I was looking for, it fucks up your normal and trying to repair them only brings you back to square one, I’ll try the first one
EDIT EDIT EDIT: I give up on the link I posted, it’s time to look the 2nd search result.

I’m an idiot, I haven’t found an answer but searching the problem made me learn a lot about it, for any future visitors with similar problem, I suggest watching this video, it’s very informative about the manner:

All I have to do now is figure out how to manually move the shading so it matches with both models, one thing I can do is merge the model and bodygroup, reattach them, smooth shade them and only then separate the 2 models again, the problem probably arose when they became 2 different objects in blender and it gave them 2 different shadings.