BodyGroups on Spawn

Good day,

I’m working for a Clone Wars server that is in development, and I’m getting some issues about some really important stuff.
What I would like to ask to you guys, is how to put some bodygroups on a skin for a certain job when the player is spawning !
We’ve got a model that got “Bodygroup” -> “Part 01” until “Part07”
My problem is that I got no idea of how to do that, and I’ve been looking on google and on those forums, tried my best but didn’t get anything that worked !
Here is the code of one of the jobs:

I’m sure you guys are better than me at this so this is the reason I’m asking, and also because I don’t want to add a script and ask to the players to put on their stuff !

In advance, I say you thanks, even for trying to help me !
Have a good one,

Well, I don’t see any issues with what you’re trying to do unless you’ve entered the wrong bodygroups…
Try setting a ragdoll or player to the bodygroups you want and use

Entity:GetBodyGroups on him.

The problem is that I don’t get how I’m supposed to use that, and for the bodygroup in my job, I tried a lot of different numbers, didn’t work…