Can anyone tell me how to make bodygroups?
Apparently in a decompiled models .qc its only a second $model, but im unsure how exactly does it work.
If anyone is willing to tell me or has a tutorial, then please post.

Do you have the body part needed to make the bodygroup?

I haven’t understood that, but i think yes.
I have 2 versions of a model.
With hat and without, and i would like it with bodygroups for more convienience.

that helped me alot

The wiki site is very helpful for this but the thing it doesn’t tell you very well is that you need the model without the hat, rigged and the hat separate, rigged on same skeleton as body, in a separate SMD and then you put the hat in the bodygroup.

So it’s not so much model switching but removing sub models instead?

Huh, makes alot more sense now, thanks.

No offense, but it’s easy to figure it out. :open_mouth:
Bugged the crap out of me when i was doing a hat for Fallout though.

use tf2 models and qcs to do advanced things that is how I learned

there should be a body group stool with like a preview on it to make it easier and wont make you go guessing which body group you need to pick.

Easy. just point at the model you want to change body group and type in the console

(Without "s of brackets) “Ent_fire !picker setbodygroup” and then any number up to 3.