BoFC Scripted Weapon Generator

This is Pyromaniac1444 and I feel like I should post my SWEP Generator here. :3

Current Version: 2.15 -Link]([Exe)

Official Thread: GmodNation


Version 2:
– Was blamed for being hosted by a crappy service. :wink:

Version 2.15: -Link to file]([Exe)

Contains almost all of the CS:S and DoD weapon models, and pictures for almost all of them!
Contains many options and explanations of every variable.
Has many functions for the primary and secondary fire: Bullets, Props, Explosions, RPG, and Vaporization!
You can have a single fire have them all go off at once!
Has save functions and a text editor.

This SWEP generator has a new code added (Thanks to Sarge) and it allows the sweps to break constraints and ignite props!

This is the property of the Box of Flaming Crayons but may be re-distributed (But not claimed as yours!).
You may distribute any swep made with this without giving us credit.
(Please read the “README!.txt” file for all of the limitations and info.)

The rocket entity is by blackops7799, I have not gotten permission from him for I do not know how to contact him,
Please tell me how to contact him o.o


[12/19/08] Deleted default right-click menus.
[12/19/08] Added RPG setting.
[12/19/08] Added VAPORIZATION setting.
[12/19/08] Fixed several "not-worth-mentioning" bugs
[12/20/08] Fixed save button to actually save the "VAPORIZATION" settings.
[12/20/08] Added and "OBSOLETE" sign over the rpg settings, indicating they are useless.
[12/20/08] Fixed CS:S Models not working.
[12/20/08] Organized code so "IGNITE" doesn't constrain other settings.
[12/21/08] Fixed the "ViewModelFilp" not working.
[12/21/08] Removed the "Weapon_base" so many more functions work.
[12/21/08] Re-made the intro, and added sound.
[12/21/08] Re-made the tutorial, but it is very fast, for unknown reasons.
[12/21/08] Re-made credits to include everyone.
[12/21/08] Re-made tips to fit new tut and new functions.
[12/21/08] No longer a beta, works correctly so far.
[12/21/08] Edited the rocket so it doesn't fly around in circles and doesn't do mega amounts of damage.

Known Bugs:
1 The RPG spread/rpgtype settings do nothing.
2 Yes the model viewer says “BITMAP MISSING” a lot, this is just because I am too lazy to take snapshots of everything :stuck_out_tongue:
3 The undo button is kinda buggy, it works tho.
4 when switching to the new version, your previous saves won’t work if you regenerate the code. (SO DELETE THEM!)
5 DOD weapon models won’t reload to get more bullets, I do not know why. any help? :3

C.E.O of BoFC.

Tell me what you think.

(Also, is this the right place to put my thread?, I hope so.)

I demand mblunk’s approval because his swep generator has been stolen many times :slight_smile:

*whistles at mblunk to check the code

Yes, I remember that, it contains none of his code, but it does contain a ton from the gmod wiki. I definitely take all of the guilt from that.

Er, I didn’t know you could package the models with em. Isn’t that piracy?
Anyway, I’ll check this out soon. Seems pretty cool.

I didn’t package the models, only the directories, and included pics to them, if you own the game. The weapons under that game will work for you.

I have made some sweps now and they all work!

you should upload to None of the links work.

Use the ones, they work perfectly fine.

you guy are so good! Thanks a lot! Now i can make good SWEPS without using the cs base :smiley:
p.s. I am new of facepunch :slight_smile:

You must be burned alive for bumping this thread.

Heres a protip, don’t make posts saying you are new to facepunch and people won’t hate you…maybe they will even assume you are an alt of a banned user if you know what you are talking about.

Just for the record, I came up with the name for this. The name Box of Flaming Crayons was my idea from back years ago, and when pyro made the flash intro, with the box and the name; I gave the name.

I know this thread is hella old, but I just got a pc for the first time in years, so im back on GMOD and wanted to state my claim.
BTW check out fortex hotel (google it) we have some great servers