Bog Combine Soldier

I’ve had this skin sitting on my hard drive for a few months now. From time to time I’d open it up and play around with different things. It doesn’t really fit into any specific category. I just thought it looked cool. So hey, why not release?

Additional Screenshots

You can also download the HL2DM version **HERE.**

Really nice, I like the new symbol.

Also, how’re the re-compilings and what not coming with those CPs?

I’ve got the models, right now I’m trying to hunt down the facemaps. There’s like a billion of them in my gmod folder.

Nice :slight_smile: Might be useful for posing :stuck_out_tongue: is it an NPC too? if not someone should put this the Combine soldier animations :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe, I can imagine. :stuck_out_tongue:

It has animations. It’s not hexed as an NPC however.


Nice, it’s always good to see sexy models made by J.Barnes.

Looks sexy.

Would hate the job that combine soldier has. Balls cut off AND fighting in a smelly and humid bog.

I like the logo. It reminds me of something of mine, but with more soy sauce.

I like the eyes.They look smaller and change the entire soldier.Artistic to u!

Nice. Gives it a freaky look. Now for a marshland map.

Pretty good looking, if I may so so myself.