Bogus Bone Index

I’m recompiling Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines models again, and I’ve come across a model that refuses to compile.

I’ve already read very few tips that don’t seem to work, and 3DS Max will not open it.

Any help would be appreciated.

realease the bogus! heh well it seems you have a busted smd there, if the pre-listed bones aren’t the same in number as the values it defines below for their positions it’ll do that. also are you trying to compile the pillow prop? becase that wouldn’t really need bones cept the root. post the qc you might have an incorrect $cd command

hmmm… I think you should send me those source files so I can take a closer look at them and point out the issue

Here’s a ZIP file of the broken models I’ve found so far:

It does seem possible to fix, however, as I’ve seen the beta Alchemilla mod use some grocery store items that don’t compile for me.