Bogus Route move type

I’m using this tutorial to make a strider move through my WIP city. i made a building with a pretty large hole so that it would pass through the hole. i used this tutorial to help me set up nodes and such " ". i did what the tutorial says but the second the map starts the strider takes 1 step then stops moving.

Now there are things in the way of the strider, i gave it a trigger to blow up the objects, but according to the tutorial even if there was an object(s) in the way it would move out of the way, no?

I check the compile log and there are no errors

This is what shows up in console (i don’t know if it will help)
Game started

Half-Life 2
Map: striderfinale
Players: 1 / 1
Build: 3791
Server Number: 1

Initializing renderer…
Error! CMapOverview::SetMap: couldn’t load file resource/overviews/striderfinale.txt.
Sending full update to Client [FW]Funkymonk(<|RS|>)
Set Gravity 600.0 (0.250 tolerance)
Signon traffic “CLIENT”: incoming 58.584 KB, outgoing 1.290 KB
Node Graph out of Date. Rebuilding…
Redownloading all lightmaps
R_RedownloadAllLightmaps took 100.978 msec!
Building AI node graph…
Initializing node positions…
…done initializing node positions. 0.000060 seconds
Initializing node neighbors…
…done initializing node neighbors. 0.000026 seconds
Forcing dynamic link neighbors…
…done forcing dynamic link neighbors. 0.000000 seconds
Determining links…
…done determining links. 0.000571 seconds
Determining zones…
…done determining zones. 0.000001 seconds
…done building AI node graph, 0.000735 seconds
Bogus route move type!


I don’t really know how much more information i can give you guys.

Did you place info_node_air entities having their type set to Strider node? As far as I know striders won’t move without those.

Yeah i have them set to Strider Node

Try using a forced path_track

Did you look at some of hl2’s city maps and how they moved the striders?


It’s cool guys i got it figured out now guys, i had to put the hint nodes closer together, but thanks for the help anyway.