Huge thanks to Dissolution and even Crazy Knife as he told me he was editing my pic but then his PS crashed. Thank you guys for your free time! ^^[/T]

Crazy Knife’s version - thank you for your free time again! ^^




I just realized what would make this 100 times more badass is if in Dissolution’s edit the lightning would go off in the background in such a way as to illuminate all of those spiky pillars and the broken boat.

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By the way, i edited the pic again despite the crash. Mine turned out as a foggy version in the ‘edit my pic’ thread.

Updated, so I added your version. ^^ Thank you bro.

I still think the fire turned out better on Dissolution’s pic.

Great water effect!

Decided to do some further editing.

The knights run into an octopus selling cookies.


In my opinion I like the second one “Crazy Knife’s version”

Nice effects and composition. However I can’t see anyone rowing, do the boats have motors?

They use their swords :v:

I haven’t found any paddle, sorry mate.