Bohemia RP

I don’t know why my previous thread was closed, if the administrators could please tell me what I did wrong I’d appreciate it. But now, onto the server;

The server is currently running a slightly modified version of DarkRP, soon to be heavily modified. It currently uses a bunch of different custom jobs, as well as Sakarias cars 1.3 SO you’ll need that. A list of jobs there are is;

-Car Dealer
-Gas Station Attendant
-Cab Driver
-Cab Depot Manager

Some systems are planned as well

-Injuries system(Possibly) Get shot in the leg and slow down, get shot in the arm and drop your current weapon.
-Computers for in-game web browsing
-Evidence System
-More to come as I remember them

Didn’t you start this thread a couple of days ago, a couple of threads down the list? ;/

Also, I think people are a bit sick of DarkRP. Even if it’s “slightly modified”. Good luck with it anyway.

Hell thanks for saying good luck. :slight_smile: And it’s not the maker that’s ruined it, it’s the people that play it at times.