Bohrok and Krana from Bionicle

Okay, my previous request for a model of the Vahki from Bionicle died due to lack of interest. So instead I’m going to go with one of the original types of sets that were sold. And the set I that I have chosen for this reques is the Bohrok for those of you who don’t remember who they are, they are these guys:

And the Krana are the masks found inside their heads, and they all look like this:

I want to see at least a pack or at least one more Bionicle Model because so far I have only found one (Which can be found here:
If nobody can do the Bohrok could they at least do the Krana?

I don’t understand it, how come nobody wants to port or make any Bionicle Models? Doesn’t anyone at least want to do it for the nostalgia?

i’ll take a stab at it if you can provide me with more reference imagery.

Here are some more references:

Normal Bohrok:
-Tahnok (Red):

-Gahlok (Blue):

-Lehvak (Green):

-Pahrak (Brown):

-Nuhvok (Black):

-Kohrak (White):

If you need like building instructions for the parts or anything like that I can find them if you want. Oh one last thing if you have Bionicle Heroes on DS or on PC you can port them from the games.

I hope someone does these, Thats some Nostalgia right there. I would post mine, but my dogs chewed them up.

Heheh I feel sorry for you mate, oh and dsdxp this isn’t too much is it?

Extreme nostalgia attack.

You have to take into consideration that if you keep on posting request for the same thing, modelers and rippers are going to get annoyed. you basically want 9 models with different reskin for free. So i guess your best bet is ripping from the PC game
I was able to find one of the bionicle model here:

In my time as a modeler i’ve modeled cars, levels, guns, robots and even everyday items so I think I can hopefully get this modeled =P

Starting with Tahnok first should be easy as i’ve managed to dig out a instruction manual online so fingers crossed I should be able to assemble it piece by piece.


What I have so far (2 hours+), the textures won’t be the final thing neither will most of the mesh since i’m still working on it, gonna start the legs and arms this evening if I have the time, also thrown in the wireframe incase anyone wants to see how I assembled it.

I haven’t really thought about that, but next time I’ll try to take that into consideration next time.

Sweet, can’t wait to see Tahnok when your done making him!

I’m sorry for bumping but any progress?

working on the legs and arms at the mo, hit a snag but fixed it.


Foot mesh isn’t final still messing with it, only thing left to model as far as I can see is the arms and that is about it.

Looks good thus far, but it should look a lot more like the actual models. But still, looks good.

Its based on the Lego model and not the ones from all the renders and art you see, and like I said I haven’t finished yet and funnily enough I have never owned a bionicle model before so this is all new to me.

Yes, but the requester has posted a shitload of reference material. Besides, I think Bionicle models still knock around a lotta places, e.g. eBaY

Might be alot of reference material doesn’t mean any of it is useful, it is for scale and proportion but for modeling each part of the mesh? I’ve had to find the actual instruction manual to model and assemble each piece.

And another thing sure each part of the model may not have all the parts that would consider it lego but if I was to say do all the pieces model each little part of detail for each part the mesh could come to something like 45-50,000 polys and all that for a ragdoll sounds stupid right? I’m deliberately making it as low poly as possible and adding textures to make up for it that’s my plan anyway.

Well, I don’t really like the idea of it being a low-poly model but if its the best you can do, go ahead and continue.

Its near enough 8,000 polys now its not like 100 polys like a DS model is, i’ve tried keeping it as low as possible mainly because I need the practice.

Ah okay, that’s understandable.