"Boiiieeee,you bout to get yo ass wooped!" Man runs into a bunch of random crooks.


First thought was “Heh, reminds me of Anchorman”

Second thought was “Pretty good posing and variety”

Third thought was “Why am I the first post…?”

Awesome man, like I thought, the variety of guys and weapons are good. Posing needs some work tho.

LOL, I just noticed that! Thanks for the comments!

The man’s legs are NPC’s right?

Dude, The posing on the guy in the white tux is a little off, fix him up and you’ve got…


Let’s just say you’ll make me shit to many bricks.

It’s the BK Kids, except urban’d up and tech’d down.

I mean come on, guy in a wheelchair.

Oh lol,they do remind me of BK kids.

No,they aren’t but I don’t think it would be a difference because it was a close up. As for the guy in the white tux how should I fix him up? I still have the save. :smug:

Beware the paraplegic with an umbrella!

Hehe, Nice work

Guy in wheelchair holding the umbrella made me chuckle.

Haha bliblix’s personal skin as a thug :V

He couldn’t even hurt himself.

Not what your mother told me last night.

The guys to the right made me lol.

Is the man on the left (the black one) a model, or did you deflate Niko’s head or something?

It looks really nice.

Oh you silly french :smiley:

Fuck you dans les fesses :3

I’m a random crook :open_mouth: