Bolt Action Drops?

So where exactly does one get a bolt action, In the past 30 minutes i’ve got 4 m4 blueprints and 1 kevlar blueprint, but haven’t seen a bolt action blueprint at all.

Neither have I found one in the several hours that I farmed zombies.

From what people are saying its a drop. So roll the dice and farm, farm, farm…

Yeah… killed about 100 zombies today, looted 30-40 chest… got full Kevlar schems, all weapons, grenades, c4s ect… but not a single Bolt Action Rifle…

This is good, I don’t want this game flooded with the fkn Rifle.

It should be RARE…but its scrap weapon… o shouldn’t be rarer then Kevlar, c4s and m4s…

Well it has 300 range and I suppose could either 1 or 2 hit headshot due to the headshot damage multiplier increase. If you have 8 kevlar guys roaming with a rifle raiding kids, then you would be reconsidering your proposal.

You are absolutely right! Thats why Kevlar, M4s and C4s should be even rarer!

Idk, I’m more afraid of a rifle than I am a M4. At least with someone with an M4, they have to be in a reasonable range to where I can react to. With rifles, they could be somewhere in a damn mountain top or a hill barely poking their heads out with a silenced rifle. I would literally be getting hit out of thin air since silencers remove bullet tracing.

300 range? Is this confirmed?

**I spawned it on my own server and made an event to givout 3 snipers to the winners, I also played around with my friends and the sniper…

Result : This sniper is bullshiet, once you have it, try it out, you’ll see, You CANT kill someone in kevlar with one ammo charger -3 ammo- … Also with only the holo sight attached to it its horrible to aim far and almost IMPOSSIBLE .**

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Idk why all of that had to be bold, but lol… I saw it on the trello a while ago. I’m at work now so I can’t get to their site at the moment. I’m sure if you go fiddling on the rust trello you can find the rifle’s stats.

If you can see a player you can hit him… 1 shot kill on full kevlar with headshot… OP as hell

And getting a headshot at max range with sway and and not much zoom is easy peasy right?

1 shot kill is stupid regardless… I’m going to carry one of these at all times and knock out the first person who stands still for a split second then switch over to m4… this game is getting less skillfull and that’s bad for a game that has full loot pvp, at least before you had to sync Headshots with a buddy to get an insta-gib, now it’s far too easy

when i get mine its gonna be on like donkey kong!

I gave myself the rifle on the leaked server client setup just to test it out. It’s a great weapon, but damn is it obnoxious when you can rape things from ages away.

The range is definitely out there on it. I don’t know how accurate it’s going to be for straight up long range shots since there’s no magnification scope for it thus far. And in adding that, they’ll have to code in how accurate the scope will be. So all in all, just be patient guys.

For anyone interested (I can’t see all these variables on the wiki):

It has a range of 250 and a damage value of 63.
It requires 50 wood, 30 low quality metal and 20 leather to build.
And shares the same world model as the M4/MP5/Shotgun.

Farmed the 4 main towns today and about 300 zombies and didn’t get it. Also picked up nearly every airdrop and nobody has gotten it.

Anyone that has this tell how they found it?

Other than admin spawning ofc.