Server name: Points of Authority 12/18

manual IP:

Sleepers + Pvp!

We will spawn a Bolt Action Rifle Blueprint to any new players on request!
This makes it still hard (because you need to build up and get the materials to make) but available to anyone.
Just ask when you’re on the server and if I don’t miss it I’ll give you the blueprint! If I’m not around I’ll get you one eventually!

Server is up and running with a very small community right now, it’s been up just over a day.
Looking to get a few small/medium clans and populate for PvP and fun! We have a website being overhauled specifically for this server.

The only rule on the server is no griefing with pillars to ruin other peoples building, but staircases on the outside is completely allowed and encouraged! Must RAID! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope to see you soon, active admin (does not and WILL not abuse), and a great community and fun await for you!

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it does drop in game are you doing this just to fill your server ?

Uhh, after seeing multiple and i mean TONS of posts of people saying it’s spawn only, and after having 10+ people farming towns and zombies for several hours, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t drop. It’s admin only spawn, and I’m not spawning the gun, just the blueprints! :smiley:

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oh and ya, of course we want a little bit bigger community so we can start having more fun!

There are several posts proving that it does drop. Stop filling your head with more air. It’s already tipping enough.

By several posts, you mean the admins that can spawn them. Lol. I’m telling you, I didn’t spawn the bluerprint on my server ALL yesterday, and had about 10+ people for 4-5 hours farming. I’m fairly sure it doesn’t drop unless it’s just THAT rare. Most of the posts I read were all saying the same things, farming hours on end and they’re pretty sure it’s admin spawn only.

Unless the implemented it today I don’t think it drops quite yet. I killed atleast 100 zombies on Central 4 and I didn’t get a single drop neither did 7 of my other sqaudmates. Are we just that unlucky 0-0?

~Deathsquad | Gosu

It is that rare. If everyone and their mom had a blueprint and attempted to gain one it wouldn’t be valuable / wanted, and it wouldn’t be as powerful as it is. Simple game mechanics. Ever played an MMORPG? Drops that are amazingly powerful tend to be harder than tits to get.

Your argument is that it’s admin only spawn because a few people cried after not getting one the first day of farming. That’s the way the game goes. Get use to it.

Servers good, all the components are there just needs to fill out abit.

I ran rad towns killing every zombie in sight for literally hours, the only way i’d believe bolt actions can be found in game at this point is if the dev himself proves it to me.

Well wether it spawns or not (pretty sure it doesn’t after a combined 50 hours of farming for it), that’s why we’re doing it this way on our server, yall are more than welcome to come on over sir! Blueprint waiting :smiley:

Um ya i farmed close to 7 hours myself sat in the zombie town also doing the loot chests while wiping the town over and over no break at all so close to 500+ zombies no blueprint so im gona go ahead and say it doesn’t drop simple as that anyway its a great server and a fun community from what i can tell so far

That powerful? This gun is not very great compared to most rifles in game, it’s just got longer range than an M4, but the dmg is just about on par, I took multiple hits as long as they aren’t headshots, and can live getting hit back to back.

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btw, on the off chance it does drop if someone farms over 100 hours, I’ll take it out of the OP, because I don’t want to give false information if it does. But combined we have about 100 hours of people farming for it on our server, and no luck.

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This could be easily resolved with a Dev post about it.

Completely false, I found the actual gun in south rad town on East 100 after 2 hours of farming, please get your information correct.

Well Got the game today, Although ive been on facepunch for a while so I will try this server out.

Awesome can’t wait to see ya there!

was it in a box, or off a zombie?

so it was the gun and NOT a blueprint?

downloading at 250/455 atm so
Maybe 45 minutes

Found The actual gun inside a box.


If that’s true gotta be completely random, because I don’t see how there can be 10+ ppl with over 100 hours farming for it, and not get it. 0.o’, either way grats! and if you read down I had already changed the OP sir.

Just bad luck, we had 7 guys holding the south radtown (West of the spine) for 2 hours constantly killing zombies and farming boxes also KOSing any non-member who came to town.

Yea, we had about 10+ for 4-5 hours (and some farmed longer into the night) farming hangar, and both rad towns, and we never found it. And after the TONS of posts about not finding it for hours, we assumed it was admin drop only. I’ll still give plans to make it (not the gun) out to new ppl on our server until our first wipe though. That way everyone has it and can test it out. We really need a bigger community on our server, only a few small groups of people and not much action right now :(.