Bolt action Iron Sights

Where is that sweet spot on the Bolty in the new Rust? Is it centre and just above the front iron sight? I’m fine with anything short to medium range but anything long range it doesn’t feel like I can hit my target often enough. Is there still no bullet physics eg. No bullet drop, no bullet travel time aka. Instant hit?

A screen shot pinpointing the exact location would be much appreciated.

There is bullet drop AFAIK

That would explain it if that’s the case… Old Rust didn’t have it so I assumed there was none. I’ll have to test it out.

Mil dot scopes when?

yes, bullet drop. I haven’t tested this in awhile. But if you shoot a bullet straight up and stand still for 2-3 minutes it will come back down and hit you. :smile:

Bullet drop is in. Firing at night you can track the the bullet. The further away the target, the higher you raise the front iron sight.

As far as i am aware, the top of both sights should be at the same height irl when aiming at a target. Currently this is not how they are, making anyone who has ever used sights on a real rifle confused. But currently in game the the top of the rear sight is what you need to use as a baseline. Bullet drop is negligible at average distances currently.

I will also add that the current veiw down the sights must have been drawn up by some one with no gun experience. If the game is to have bullet drop the sights should be accurate, Eg: (height of impact only) at a set distance, say 70yards, with the top of both sights level at all times.


I’m no artist at all, but this is the best I can do:

The sights are misaligned, just like in Legacy, based on when I used it a few weeks ago (unless it’s been changed but I doubt it). They really should fix the alignment.

Just shoot at night time and watch the tracer