bolt action is crap

i like the idea but with the new sway mechanics, it its imposable to hit things at the guns intended range…

it feels like my char has Parkinson’s Disease…

also a thing that pisses me off, once the mag is spent it still loads a imaginary round, wasting time before you can reload again…
i wouldn’t mined the last bullet reload thing so much if it wasn’t for the crappy amount of rounds it holds… 3 and your out?

the game still amazing though :slight_smile:

3 rounds. What do you expect from a bolt-action rifle that you crafted from things that you stumbled upon in your environment?

ok well explain the m4 then?

The M4 cant be explained, and that is why it will not be craftable in the finished game. All craftable weapons will be more primitive. (I have no idea if the “modern” weapons will be retained as non-craftable pickups, however).

It sounds like that’s being removed. Or made extremely difficult to obtain.

The bolt action is actually pretty nice with all attachments on it. But the sway does present an added challenge.

If they add an experience system we should be able to improve the gun skills to reduce sway.

yeah that would be grate, maybe if you lvl up enough you get a shift to steady ability.

Like holding your breath while squeezing off the shot IRL.

yeah exactly

apparently the M4 is being removed, just saying. the 9mm is being replaced with a 8 shot revolver of some kind from some of the stuff i’ve seen around the fourms. and apparently the game is taking the direction of a rustic surival game not some modern FPS with M4’s ect ect

No disrespect, but learn to shoot. I use a bolt action to headshot wolves and deer from on top of my house while crouched. You just have to get a feel for the sway and predict it. It’s not perfect but I land my shots with little difficulty.

Ive said it dozens of times. Lets not make a GAME overly complicated. It would be nice to use the shift key to steady the bolt action.

if someone is getting a lot of kills with the bolt action i’ve found that there’s a 80% chance that they’re a hacker

i agree its easy to shoot animals, but try hitting a guy running around in the distance. i can shoot quite well with it but its a bit hard when it comes to players and not npc…

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its sad, and from what iv seen kind of true

So good players are keep getting better and stronger while the rest is getting owned, pretty unbalanced.

Experience does not equal skills. I.e you won’t get better just because you’ve got a ton of experience points and ability points. You still need to aim and pull the trigger yourself.

I have no problem hitting people at great distances. Perhaps you should adjust your mouse sensitivity or accept the fact that you might just not have the skill to operate the weapon properly.

yeah i think your long distance and mine are two different things

I think rust shouln’t get experience points, i think it’s better to use level’s for specific skill’s. like crafting, fishing?, hunting, skinning.

Like the old times in runescape.

You have to use your train your skill’s by using it. so you can’t train fishing from points that you’ve earned using crafting.

i would love the concept of fishing, but there aren’t any lakes yet.

or something maybe similar to far-cry, it will add a bit to the longevity of each game.