Bolt Action + M4 Combat Gameplay

There’s also an interesting player who turns our base into a hotel… =)

I have no idea if you’ve ever caught this thought, but have you ever thought about the fact that perhaps nobody cares about your videos? Posting a separate thread for every video you make is going to annoy more people and hate your (boring) content.
Post your ‘let’s plays’ in the videos section. But don’t, because nobody likes let’s plays.

If you don’t like his videos just ignore his threads, no reason to be a complete dick about it.

Is this his personal blog or the official Rust forum where important people say important things?

Somebody has an ego and a self entitlement…

Yes, I also love Rust and I hate people advertising their videos in a game forum.
Hey, at least I don’t make let’s plays and pretend people like hearing me play games!

And so do I but that doesn’t mean you should bash his videos, his thread placement was a mistake (unless this is an ongoing thing after being told).

Someone posting videos about RUST on the official RUST forums, he should definitely get banned for that.
The sad part is that some people actually agree with you -.-"

If what you say is true, then the thread will get moved.
That doesn’t change the fact that let’s plays are boring to watch and his content is even worse. You can hear unnecessary background noises, there is no editing as far as I can see (the boring bits are just there, he could cut the videos and keep the contextual stuff going)

If you would actually open up the Facepunch homepage, you would see that there is a whole separate forum for VIDEOS. This is an entertainment video, no way relevant to the production of the game or useful for the Rust community. That’s not in the rules, by the way, that’s just what I think.
This is a strict forum with rules. You’re not supposed to do what you think is correct and not get punished for not reading basic things.

once again if you don’t like his videos ignore his threads and stop being a dick.
you’ve said so yourself “That’s not in the rules, by the way, that’s just what I think.”

If you would see the paragraph spacing, the ‘what I think’ part was the sentence before. There are forums for specific things. Videos go to the videos section, posts about rust go to the rust section, etc.