Bolt Action Rifle, didn't actually make it in?

I didn’t start with the ability to make it like on the dev branch of the game, and i looked a lot of boxes and zombies, got a bunch of blueprints but no rifle. Has anyone got it?

While I do not know, I suspect the dev branch allows the craft from start as to test the product before it ships. Else you would have people on dev branch not really getting any testing done for the time it takes to natural spawn.

agreed, it made me assume it came from a blue print but i just never got it. The server i was on never mentioned finding it either.

Me and my m8’s camped a rad town for about 2 hours before finnaly finding 1 (I found it :slight_smile: ) then researched the hell out of it, Few things:

  • It sways like hell you need to Have a holo and learn to crouch (Designated spotters help)
  • It holds 3 rounds in the clip
  • It takes the most to make out of any gun, 50 wood, 30 Low Quality Metal, and 20 leather.
  • It uses .556 ammunition

Edit: Damage Dealt

1 Shot head shot no matter what

2-3 body shots to kill

2nd edit: Range - 250 Almost double the M4

Great news, thanks!

What is the range? is it farther then the m4? If not, I think the m4 is still a better choice.

the stat for range is 80

Wrong it’s 250 just under double the m4’s range.

M4is 80 and BAR is 250 its triple the range

Im very disappointed by the Bolt at the moment. One of the most annoying things from DayZ was getting killed from long range and being unable to see the shooter or fight back. I was really hoping it was going to sit above the pipe shotgun as a cheap ranged weapon for starters, rather than an another weapon only KOS squads will be able to get the majority of the time.

Me point blank shooting a zombie

This gun sways ALOT, like a fuck load when your standing still. So its gonna be hard to get kills at long range

I agree