bolt action rifle question

Someone was telling me that they dont spawn in the game unless I enable it in a config file to get them to spawn. Is this true? If so how can I enable it?

I don’t believe that this is true. Bolt Actions (afaik) are very very rare and (again, afaik) only drop from zombies…
If someone cares to clarify this or correct me please do… because honestly I’ve never been quite sure where to find one.

I once looted a bolt action from a radiation area.

I’ve never looted a gun off a zombie, I don’t think you can but it could just be ridiculously rare.

I also hear you can get em from a care package but I don’t know.

TBH, bolt action rifle sucks, it is WAY too shaky when aiming down the sights, unlike the m4, which barely moves at all. There is definitely a rather huge gap in skill to use that weapon. Guess I just suck.

I haven’t found one yet, nor have I seen anyone with it…I want it though.

Thanks for the info.

massive sway is because its a 1 shot to the head

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he meant the BP off a zed

Forgot to mention the mats needed to make one.

20 leather, 50 wood, 30 LOW QUALITY METAL.

It’s outrageous.

edit: I understand it’s 1 shot to head no matter what, I’m saying atm with this new post, that the mats needed to make one are too much when compared to how hard it is to handle the weapon, IMO.

currently very rare but berry is going to put a patch in which make it more obtainable

lol who is berry?