Bolt Action Rifle?

I’ve been watching the forums since the latest patch, while farming zombies and boxes for hours and still haven’t seen the bolt rifle. The only times I’ve seen people say they have one is when it was spawned in by an admin in a community server.

Has anyone seen one in an official server, or looted one from a box/zombie on a community server?

It’d be great if Helk or someone from FP could weigh in for a second to confirm that the rifle is in fact in the game. I don’t mind if its rare, in fact that’s great. I just don’t want to spend hours looking for something that isn’t actually there.


no one in the server I play on has found one. seems like it might be unobtainable without commands.

1: you must be in the dev version
2: you can only craft the weapon which takes leather wood and 25 lowquality metal for a gun not worth what is needed to craft it

not true… i am in the dev version playing on a dev server and i still cant find/craft the BA-Rifle

can anyone help?

I’ve heard of a few people using it, and it says it’s added to the SVN (not sure if it’s in-game yet, as they’re working on the rest of the animations. The card relative to the model is archived ( ) Animations is 7/12 ( )

According to those patch notes it has been added already…

but i am not sure about this… havent seen anyone on the server with a ba rifle yet

on the other hand, i noticed all the other changes like kevlar being harder to craft.

After the update i farmed for 3 days. finally the BP dropped.

Its there, but it’s a very rare drop.

And i’d like it to stay that way. in the right hands, its a very deadly weapon

There’s a lot of them on central 5. One guy found it in a crate, we killed him and took it. Then our research and development division produced 5, and our soldiers lost them in combat. Our reverse engineering division did not do a great job of keeping it from being RE’d.

Sigh noobz, Only way to get the new Bolt Rifle is in Airdrops and is rare % get it in those, once have the rifle it can be researched.

haha ok good to know

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so whats true? airdrop only?