Bolt Action Rifle

Anyone’s server not getting the bolt action rifle drop?

it is in but it is even more rarer than the metal building parts

My group hasn’t seen it, and nobody has talked about it at all on my server. Just wondering if there are servers that don’t have it at all

Not seen it yet, but kind of glad I haven’t. Makes it so much more fun to find something if it’s very rare.

Why is it more common to find military grade m4s than a makeshift rifle

shut your bloody moaning you idiot

I played with a group of 10 people and we’ve gotten every pattern BUT that. We’ve only seen the rifle once on our server and it was in the hands of one of the admins clan-mates.

Way to respond constructively, FFS.

hmm, I wonder if the server owners are holding off on adding the gun… If they can even do that.

It’s not in.

My group got it from killing a guy, it is in the game.

Not true, it most definitely is in, just quite rare.

Indeed. Frankly, I’m struggling to find a reason why it isn’t in the default crafting recipes when you start. If I can craft a 9mm (admittedly slated to be replaced by a ‘junk revolver’ in the hopefully not too distant future), it seems unlikely I shouldn’t also have access too the bolt action recipe as well, even if it is made to be much more expensive to craft. Perhaps they intend to remove the pistol recipe from the default list as well?

Exactly, maybe it should require a higher level workbench but it should still be a default recipe

What might be interesting is having to upgrade your first wooden workbench to craft higher tiered items. For instance, having to add a vice clamp component to it to craft the next tier of items…

They are planning it, hopefully the 9mm replacement and the bolt action rifle will be on the next level

Well my group mate managed to kill one of the admins this morning and got himself a rifle. This is likely how people are finding them. Someone will likely kill one of us at some point, while we’re holding it, and post here saying they found it and how it’s ‘just rare’…

wtd dude all he ever does is moan if you read half of his posts FFS

Pretty sure you’re moaning right now

I honestly don’t believe its implemented in game yet as for we have probably zombie killed/rad towned as a group of 8 all together for around cumulative 20hours over the past few days. I do believe admins have access to it possibly for balance testing? If there is a server with 200 people and the game has been out for a week and it hasn’t dropped ONCE that kinda drops a red flag lol.