Bolt Action Rifle


Can anyone confirm one thing?

Bolt Action Rifle eliminates enemies always one headshot?

even with a silencer, yes

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…unless they’re in godmode/wearing invisible armour

It is a powerful gun if you have a good shot. Never stand still when you know there is one in the area…

It’s a terrible addition. There’s no panic when you’re attacked by surprise because you’re already dead. Once a crew has them, the balance is gone along with any tension. I hope they get removed.

Looks like someone doesn’t like precision weapons… Although, the sway on it is crazy, it’s like your character is tripping…

Its pretty balanced out though, 3 round cap, slow reload time

and hard to aim, cause you always try to be far away from the target.

I like sniping in general, just not in this game. I actually don’t really think any of the modern firearms fit the feel of this world at all, but the bolt action is the worst of all. Death brings a bigger loss in this game than in other multiplayer shooters so I’m not a fan of anything that can one-shot an armored player from afar.

I like the bolt action as-is. I hope it doesn’t change.

the problem is this: the headshot sounds but the enemies do not die sometimes. is a bug?

Crap happens… surprise attacks happen all the time.

Someone comes and asks you for food and/or help, then suddenly he has several guys ambush and kill you… SURPRISE!!!

You log off and someone raids your base, kills you and destroys your sleeping bag. When you log back in… SURPRISE!!!

A naked guy holding a rock is being chased by zombies and he’s screaming for help. You kill the zombies and rescue him. He says thanks, then pulls out an M4 and destroys you… SURPRISE!!!

You’re gathering wood peacefully, minding your own business, when suddenly someone comes up from behind you in crouch and then shotgun blasts you in the back of the head… SURPRISE!!!

You’re walking down the road all geared up and ready to take on anything because you’re the big gorilla of the land and nobody can take you on cuz you’re so OP… BAM! Headshot from a silenced bolt rifle from the mountains… SURPRISE!!!

I hope they don’t remove them… they only hold 3 bullets at a time, slow rate of fire and are quite balanced overall. If they didn’t produce such high level of damage, nobody would bother to use them… nobody would try and find them… there would be no point in having them so rare as they currently are.

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Have you looked at the bolt rifle? It’s not modern and fits along with the hand cannon and pipe shotgun. It’s a makeshift weapon that just uses a higher caliber round… if it was modern, it’d look a hell of a lot better and hold a lot more rounds than just three.

Bolt action rifles have always been known for their accuracy and their stopping power… they were replacements for musket-style rifles and came before any of the modern weapons in the game.

Having someone die from a bolt rifle shot to their head or chest, regardless of what they’re wearing, was always common place… helmets do squat for such shots as helmets were mostly designed to protect from shrapnel and blunt impacts. Bullets from a rifle would go right through them like butter.

So for someone to die from one shot in the game to the head with a bolt rifle makes complete sense.

It also makes sure that even those who think they’re stronger than everybody else with all their equipment and weapons are not… everybody is vulnerable in the game and imo, the bolt rifle brings more balance than anything.

And if you’re worried about getting one shotted by a bolt rifle, then don’t waltz around the map in the open like you own the place… just like the weaker players.

They should lower it damage and make it more common because it’s really just the crafted “equivalent” to a m4.

Except the fact that you can easily spray or burst the m4 at long ranges and get kills quite easily, the m4 also has more zoom to it so it’s easier to pull off headshots, the bolt action does leave you vulnerable to enemy fire, the bolt action rifle needs a perfectly placed shot to kill the enemy, and the bolt action rifle takes way more time to reload.

No you can’t spray the m4 at long ranges and hit anything unless you are a hacker. The m4 needs to be precisely fired so only 1 bullet is shot at a time. Even a 2 round burst means the second shot will hit somewhere 20 ft away.

Also you’re right, the m4 has better zoom but that is because it’s in the better “military grade” weapon category. The rifle has worse zoom because it is in the same family as the pipeshotgun.

Lastly, the rifle has only 3 shots + slow rate of fire + slow reload because of the damage. Just nerf that and you can then buff the other stats.

That’s stupid, all guns of the same class should have the same zoom. Unless they’re trying to simulate ironsight comprehensibility, having a “military grade” weapon doesn’t give your eye a third lens or anything.

I agree. Actually their should be no zoom at all. It’s just a Eotech ffs. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was probably referring to close combat at the time, I know you cant spray it at long range, I think that was the point I was referring to. Thanks anyway for replying to my comment though.

The Bolt Shot can kill in one headshot, but I don’t see why people complain. It’s extremely rare to get headshot by one unless you and your opponent are standing still.

The M4 has more zoom and is more forgiving, along with costing less to craft, it’s pretty much the superior choice.

Bolt action rifle has the “cool” factor though, and is more efficient with bullets. I usually take it hunting

Chicken Hunting is always fun, go out with a bolt action rifle with a silencer and red dot, and just go comb the fields till you hear a bawk, and try find out where the chicken is running.