Bolt Action Rifle

Not like im mad or something but this weapon is totally retarded. 1 Shots kevlar guys. Additionally with all those aims there it’s impossible to fight them. Also 1 random shot from a random guy costs you evertyhing. This weapon really needs a nerf or should be removed from the game as it current state is ridiculous.

i know its alpha…
so im just giving you my own opinion.

Quick question: You do realize that kevlar rarely does shit on it’s own against a rifle rounds like 5.56 or 7.62? Rifle rounds tear through kevlar, and sometimes go right through ceramic/metal plates. If anything, the BAR should be one hit to the skull, no matter what you are wearing.

it doesnt really matter what weapon aim botters use. I love the bolt action, it would be cool if they would make a makeshift scope for it.

Guy who found bolt action in Rad Zone (and some 556 ammo) can get 1 or even 2 kevlars if he’s lucky so its kinda stupid and game breaking for me

The reason why it doesn’t need a nerf is because the M4 is practically better. I mean, you get a higher clip, easier reload, more zoom, faster to shoot, easier to find, and less recoil. If you say the bolt action rifle needs a nerf you might as well just take away all guns.

Im not talking about realism lol? This just makes it unplayable at some point. Sometimes it can be a bullet from god knows how far and it kills you 1 shot. Imo it should leave full kevlar at 10 hp or something. Also bolt isn’t really rare, everyone can get it pretty fast.

It’s one head shot for the bolt action. You can one shot some one in kevlar with a shotgun too BTW if your point blank.

But you need to get really close and if this guy got bar then he will just kill you before u get to him.

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It’s already ridiculously strong. Let’s make a scope for it and you won’t be able to leave your house without getting shot in the head, perfect! :slight_smile:

You do have to place a perfect shot to the head which requires an amazing amount of skill when you can get an m4 and basically place 2 shots to the head with a whole clip of 24 bullets instead of 3.

Without an aimbot it’s not that easy to do a head shot on a moving target.

ofcourse you can always blame the 1 shot 1 kill thing with bolt action rifle, but you need a good aim. And on a moving target thats hard sometimes. And I gues you never had one for that long urself. Because it is a realy nice weapon to have. But nerf it ? Doubt it. as someone said the M4 is very good in many ways. the bolt is mostly good if you havent been seen, and you have a good aim.

I think the bolt action just needs to be more expensive to make. With all the military grade weapons, soon to be uncraftable and really difficult to find, I think the bolt action would suit gameplay then.

It’s already expensive as shit to make. Make kevlar more expensive so we have less raiders.

A bolt action rifle has always been known to be a lot more deadlier per shot than an assault rifle, which is why marksman and snipers still use them today.

Having a weapon that can bring the more powerful players down to the same level as the rock tossers is a good thing… That’s balance.

It means that you can’t be all cocky and sure of yourself waltzing down the road like you own the place… It means that if you value your life and your gear, you’ll keep a low profile like everybody else.

Besides, it only holds three bullets.

I think the bolt action rifle should do less damage on body shots, and perhaps a longer reload. I’m thinking it should take about 2-3 bodyshots for a kill, or 1 headshot to kill someone. This way people have a better chance of survival against snipers, and have some time to find cover.

A little unfair to the people who can’t headshot well/consistently, but helps balance it out a bit for everyone else.

One thing I would like to see Facepunch Studios add is different types of shotgun loads for the pipe-shotgun. Buckshot, Breacher, and Slug.
This would allow younger players to have a single-shot rifle of sorts, that would make them able to fight off people in Kevlar in the earlier levels.

I also do not see why the BAR should be nerfed or “balanced”… It currently takes 30 low-quality metal, 10 leather, and roughly 50 wood. It requires 5.56mm Ammo, and on top of all this, it’s horridly inaccurate without a red-dot sight. It’s already balanced as is.

Neat idea.

Its 30 low quality metal 10 leather and 50 wood.

Thank you for the correction, gonna fix that.

The only way I feel like the BAR should be altered is a 1 shot clip just like the video Maxofs2d made