Bolt Action Rifles

It seems like bolt action rifles are a terrible idea for this game as bad as the newb slaughtering already is. This just gives more progressed players even more power to not have to risk getting close to people and instead being able to kill others from a long range.

Thoughts on this?

I personally enjoy the BAR. This kind of game needs a long range rifle and I find the BAR to be decent at his job. I’d rather get this instead of some OP AS-50 or some rediculous modern long range rifles.

I like it too. The slight wobble on the aim still makes it hard to hit to it’s max range.

it’s a tradeoff… fire speed for long range accuracy, at a range, the bolt action wins, in medium range, a pistol or m4 wins, short range a shotgun

if someone can legitimately headshot me (twice?) with a BAR while i’m running around, they deserve my loot

Imagine the complaints if it was a 1shot kill rifle…

Please don’t call it BAR. It’s a completely different thing.

@OP: the game will look much different in the future, with much much less guns and as a result much less KOS. Research before you post.

The dmg depends on what you are wearing. If kev then yeah 2 shots. If leather and lower then 1 headshot is fine.
Source: Me and my buddies tested.

i LOOOOVE the bolt rifle, the feel, the handle, the damage, the range… the sway could be better tho.

Its not OP in any way. if someone can land a headshot on me from 200m’s. dont they kinda deserve that?. i mean, its a game, its about skill right?.

And since the sway was added, its actually the only gun that actually takes some practice to wield. Imagine you were waking up in a post apocalyptic world, your previous job was flourist and you never owned a gun (im from denmark, flourists dont own guns there XD. no offense murica)

Would you be able to handle the magnificent m4 tactical assault rifle like you were born with it?. i doubt it :). its nice to see a gun that gives players with some skill something for their money.

But the m4s are fine!

the problem with the bolt rifle is how easy it is for an experienced play to effectively lock down an entire area .

all you have to do is find a nice rock over looking a resource valley, build a windowed shack on it

wait for resource gatherers, and pop head shot , dead.

sure it is hard to aim on moving targets , but since a huge part of this game is whacking away at the nodes… that is alot of stationary targets

I find it just as hard to hit stopped targets the sway is retardedly high specially at high distances

well you dont need to be all that far away to be dangerous , 50 meters a good stance, out of pistol and shot gun ranges anyway.