Bolt Rifle & Helicopter

I see they are finished!
Will you add more things before you set the patch live?
Can’t wait for the Bolt Rifle 0

Pretty sure only the models are finished, not the coding.

Damn that’s satisfying

The bolt is pulled may to many times for just 1 bullet, why don’t you just shoot, pull, place another bullet in, then push. The only reason you would need a bolt pull after shooting is if you have a magazine system going on, and this seems to not be the case.

It probably holds 5 rounds, like most standard bolt action rifles, they were probably just showcasing the animations not the capabilities.

Yes… I’m sure this is just demonstrating the animations

The Patrol Helicopter now needs weapons to be added

It’d be way cooler if it started off with just one round, and you could craft a mod for it that increased it to more than that.

No offense but that just sounds pointless…

I see no point in closing the bolt before chambering another round?
@maxof2d when the bullet is fired and bolt mooved back the casing will pop out and you are able to chamber another round, using the bolt action twice for a single reload is pointless.

It’s just showing off the animations he has done:

  1. Firing
  2. Chambering the next round
  3. Reloading

It’s not one long animation if that’s what you were thinking.

What you people don’t seem to get is… how should I explain this? Scenario: 1 round left in chamber. Left click to fire. Automatically pull bolt back to release the cartridge then push bolt back in. IDLE. Press R to reload thus pulling bolt back once more to chamber a new round. Yes they could probably easily script it so that when you fire the final round and release the cartridge you just leave the bolt open but realistically you wouldn’t want to do that especially if you weren’t going to reload right away. You would want to close the bolt as a precaution.

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Exactly what I was trying to explain…

That’s what’s going to happen

Also Max, is this the first of a long line of improvised/homemade firearms? Like would we be seeing stuff like the Luty Submachine Gun?

yeah, we already have 4 homemade weapons don’t we?

Max you think you can tell us how strong the rifle is going to be and an estimate of when it will be actually implemented? <3

True, but something about improvised guns is just so fitting for the game.

this game is turning into my wet dream. good work.