Bomb Models

After looking on for bomb models, i came up empty handed. I’m just starting to use wire and using the explosive tool. There is a setting so you can use a model as the bomb. all I have is CS:S C4 and the to small and wrongly positioned Jihad bomb model. I’m hoping someone can make a pack of realistic (and if possible high quality) bomb models to use for this. I’m not talking about missile or rocket shaped, I mean stuff like c4, that you plant.

(Possibly someone else could take these models and make them into something like garrysbombs 3 in the future.)

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…Also, how was that dumb?

Wrong Forum.

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sorry, i just relized that, i was looking through game-modes in one tab and models in another I thought i switch tabs when I started a new thread, but i guess I didn’t. REROUTING THREAD

I’ll see what I can do.


Here’s what I have so far. I’ll make a tapered up version with a timer and other stuff tomorrow if I have time. If you want me to make any changes, I’ll see what I can do.

It looks like a wooden block that says “C4 - Explosive”.

But it works.

I agree with egg_toaster, but it would be good to get all I can get. Some more models would be appreciated.

It looks like C4 plastic explosive, wrapped in a protective paper layer to prevent accidental detonation.


any other models? you know what would be realy classic, a stick of dynamite with a fuse, a but bigger than the ep2 one.

How’s this?

There’s no actual spark like in the first picture, but I might look into particle systems.

I like it, looks good, in the first picture the tnt sticks look alot redder. I would like to see a bunch of these models in a pack, i recently extracted my left 4 dead content so now i have the pipe bomb and Molotov.

could i get a download for the c4 and TNT stick models?

Here you go.

Any more suggestions, I’ll give it a shot.


Google images i found these, id love to see them in gmod.(How do you tag images or media?)

This one would be good if it used ssa gib a’s c4 above

I think most of those are from here
I would use those, but your models are so much better =).


maybe a few pipe bombs tied together, another one would be a boxy digital clock tied to some pipe bombs or tnt sticks(baicly cs:s c4 with pipe or tnt). Backpack filled with tnt/pipe wired up would be great