bomb reskin


i want to reskin the bombs/explosive props so they have an emblem on them and
was wondering where the vtf files are saved. i have looked around but cant find them.
anyone know where they are?

the bombs i am talking about are the ones from useful and explosive props. remember these from gmod 12?
-WW2 bomb

these are not addons. if you have the .txt file, they are still available as part of the game so the vtf and vmf files
must be in my gmod folder somewhere?


What model of the bomb do you mean, like the C4 from CS or the small black round one with the fuse on the top?

um… well actually i mean the old gmod 12 bombs like the torpedo, MK-82, ww2 bombs etc.

You’re probably looking for the Nuke pack or Gbombs.

They’re in the workshop.

They’re either in the CS:S or Garry’s Mod .vpk’s. You can replace them by putting the skin files in the materials folder.