Bomberman ragdolls and props pack


-Pretty Bomber/Cute Pink
-Giant Gold
-Dangerous Bomb
-Pierce Bomb
-Power Bomb
-Remote Bomb
-Rubber Bomb
-Item Box[/T]


After working on it for so long, I finally got around to finalizing the whole pack. All bombs have 4 sizes (small, regular, large, MASSIVE), and Bomberman, Pretty Bomber, Giant Gold and Pommy have face bodygroups, and Bomberman has extra armor bodygroups. The main 3 also have colorizable versions for personal color preference. Of course, all comments and criticism are welcome.

Most famous terrorist in the world. I mean, most famous alive terrorist in the world.

We need all of Pommy’s forms.

I remember playing that game with my cousin. It takes so long to get Pommy to upgrade into something useful.

He’s not alive.

He’s fictional.