Entering for the first time, yay.

[release]Oh look, it’s Bomberminge! It’s like a remake of Bomberman, except it has mingebags instead, how exciting, yay.

Okay, so right now the gamemode is in a pretty early state due to exams, so it doesn’t look all fancy and all yet.
For those who have been living under a rock and don’t know what Bomberman is, the aim of this game is to make your way through a bunch of destructible walls using bombs, and blow up every other player there. That’s a simple concept, but with powerups, special bombs and shit like that, it gets pretty addicting after a while.

November 18th

Added some new bomb types and powerups.[/media]

Added the Gmod equivalents of the bomb kick, bomb punch and bomb throw from Bomberman. :v:

Some of the special bombs in action.

November 8th

Done a few powerups (and powerdowns), a new, smaller map, and ported it to Fretta. The round system is pretty convenient, though there is a bunch of stuff that I need to fix in order to get it to work as I want.

November 6th

Bomberman hat, yay.

November 3rd

Hooray, just finished my library for rendering and animating props made out of several models. Here are the classic bombs, note that only HL2 props have been used there.

Also, remote controlled bombs!

I’m only using gm_construct for testing purposes, because it’s convenient whenever I need to play around with props and find a proper design for every different type of bomb.

November 1st

Right now, I don’t have much to show you, but it’s better than nothing, isn’t it.



I’m planning on adding a bunch of powerups from various Bomberman games, and of course, spice everything up with extreme mingetastic special bombs as well. Might take a while, but I think I can have something fun and playable till the end of this month.

Looks really good :smiley:

For the win, that’s all i had to say bomberman is a classic game haven’t played it in ages.

I remember Newb telling me how you were planning this. Looks like the Retro theme was perfect for you.

Good luck, Bomberman was always pretty fun.

Also I am loving how this would work in fretta.

Sweet! _Kilburn, you never fail me :biggrin:

I think the regular explosive barrel model would fit for the bombs rather than the helicopter bombs. Seems more… mingyish?

New pics in the OP. :v:

Well, I was more going for the original bomb design from Bomberman, as you can see here. There will be exclusive mingetastic bombs, I’m thinking about barrels that would scatter everywhere and explode randomly, and dynamite packs that would spam explosions for a while before disappearing. Won’t forget the classical melon bomb either, no worries.

OMG! Yes! You sir, have made my day! But, you need to get the mingebag player-model…

Not the model but just a reference :3

I agree. Also, you should make them color coded. Like the original bomberman.

And don’t forgot tubes from the original. Those were always fun. You should definitely add a bunch of traps and stuff.

I’m looking forward to this

I agree with the above poster.

I knew you were gonna make it!
Good luck with this one, _Kilburn. Looking forward to this.

This looks awesome so far.

Please, whatever you do, DON’T FAIL.

Oh, hi.

Needs to be higher :v: Also the sparks from the bomb shouldn’t spread so much.

damn you! i made this for TYE’s lobby, i made bombermen for them -_-

ah fuck it.

It looks fine from above. Will try to move it a little and see if it looks better though.

Those are small sparkles that fall to the ground really quickly and have a really short life time. I think it looks fine this way.


Heh, sorry.
I’d like to see how your Bomberman looked like though.

I agree this would be fun in fretta

Fretta changes nothing, it’s just a gamemode base that manages rounds, HUD, messages and that random shit for you.

I might port it to Fretta so I can use its round system, but not right now, I’d like to polish some stuff up first.