Bond (James Bond)

If anybody could retrieve and port a ragdoll of Daniel Craig’s Bond from the PC versions of Quantum of Solace or Blood Stone, it would be greatly appreciated. No particular preference for outfit or anything, so long as it’s recognizable. As the former game is built on the Call of Duty engine that so many people have extracted so many models from, I imagine that would be the easiest option.

Thanks in advanced for any help you can provide.

Yeah I tried getting him from Quantum of Solace with the CoD4 porting tools, but it didn’t work. You’ll have to use other methods.

Do you need any good Bond model or just the one requested here?

I’m in no position to be picky, so any will do, though Craig’s would be excellent because his games are more recent, with higher detail models.

If you need a nice Bond model, the mod Goldeneye Source has a very nice Bond model.

Well I think just getting a regular suit model or casual jacket and ripping the head from the game and plopping it onto the body would work, but I don’t have the game so I can’t do it.

I’m making an effort to extract some models from an iso of the new GoldenEye for Wii. Anyone who’s got experience with the COD engine, what’s the likelihood that the models are going to be some insane proprietary format?

Like I said, if you have no other option, consider using the model from Goldeneye Source. All you have to do is install the mod and mount it for Gmod, and the model is actually pretty nice.

Make sure to use gm_mount

Yeah, but you don’t need it to mount it, it just does it automatically for you.

Bumpin’ for some assistance.

I’ve got an iso of GoldenEye and I do intend to see if I can get some useful junk out of it, but apparently I’m in need of a particular program to do this. Does anyone know what program that would be, to begin extracting models, textures, etc., from a Wii game?

It will, of course, be made worth everyone’s while if I succeed, I’ll try to release everything for your general use and pleasure.

I can imagine the implications now… Craig having a firefight with two million TF2 spies while the Bond theme plays in a loop in the background…

Try that.

I will, thank you.

Ah, brilliant.