Bond Of Friendly Forces

I´m calling out to those ones, who are willing to be a part of a community, that helps adding some balance to the anarchical world of Rust. You will be the “Rust police”. This is not gonna be an ordinary Clan Tag. If you are willing to fight crimes like
And build up a community of people, who help each other in progressing and discovering the game
, then I will add you to the list of “BOFF Policemen”.

For that pilot project I mention the following:

Be aware that you might also be a target and might be KOSed and raided frequently. This task will be especially hard because the game still is in development and the members of “BOFF” will sometimes have to start from the beginning. So this task requires good teamplay.

You are doing this voluntary and for fun.

I hope the developers will help develop a special feature, that includes real options being “Rust Police Forces” :slight_smile:

This thread is not for discussions. Only for the above featured purposes (featuring names of player members and traitors)

***No. ***

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I will think about it, I really like the idea of a police force in rust :downs: