Bone aligning and rendering

Two things i can’t figure out no mather how hard i try.

  1. I have an entity which i want to place at the same pos as a ragdolls limb, and with the same angles as well. This works fine, but how would i add an offset to the angle? I’ve already tried adding the offset angle to the angle of the limb with no success.


  1. How can I make my effect run the Render hook only when the game renders an other entity?

Thanks in advance!

To offset an angle, you need to use the RotateAroundAxis method. I imagine it would look like this…

angle:RotateAroundAxis( angle:Right( ), offset.p );
angle:RotateAroundAxis( angle:Up( ), offset.y );
angle:RotateAroundAxis( angle:Forward( ), offset.r );

Thanks, that worked.