Bone And Crystal Dragon Snpcs

Hiya all.
Now i know that all the Dumb 10000000Xs are gonna be here and i no longer care. But now thats out of the way... I present to you, da da da daaaaaaa, Bone And Crystal Dragon Snpcs! "Hide yo diapers somewhere" Becouse here is dat link duedz: The Models for both dragons are from Ubisoft (the Dark messiah guys) along with the materials for Bone Dragon. I made the Crystal Dragons Material.
Have F.U.N

wow how old are you

10 + 0

Lets see if it works…

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These SNPCS are copied.

All you did was change the material and color of the NPCs

Yeees yes… Just like Za Snpc pack wich was Also copied off Half-life Renaisssance.
Everybody liked that even though if you had Half-Life: Source the skeleton sucked