Bone and metal Arrows/ Spears

I know the hunting bow is spos to be early game only but more or less players like to make use of it late game just to mess around or as a good throw away weapon. Would it be possible to add arrows made from bone and metal? Maybe give them different stats bone may have a same drop rate and a higher chance to break but a more effective alternative to the stone arrows if a player wants to save stone. Metal may drop sooner but do more damage either in bleed effect or initial damage. Just some ideas that would make use of bone frags later on in game play.

Spears made of metal or bone would also look awesome as a mid game item.

The main use of bone fragments our days is: “Glue” the only thing is, I cant figure out a really needed thing in game for this thing.

The use for arrows is somewhat good.

So back to the topic: a way of making arrowheads would make it better. Just to keep the BP and drop list clean make it >
Wooden arrows to be needed as items to craft bone arrows ( kind of an upgrade if you will ) The point where you get needless bone fragments is onthe same time line as when you want more metal and less rock.(no trees around my base at this point also)
Possible to find crafted (metal ones at least), research able, but pls no BP drops on random (I still have headaches around the numbers of signs and paintings I get wondering around.)

I would like to see bone arrows which do a bit more damage/bleeding on hit but have the down sight that they would always break after being shot

I do agree that we should be able to do more with Bows, my thoughts are:

Introduce a System where Arrows can break more often
Introduce a Compound Bow: Reloads Faster, Does more Damage
Introduce Blunt Arrows - Great for hunting Animals, Higher chance to obtain the arrow
Introduce Barbed Arrows - Increases Bleed Damage
Introduce Different Arrow Materials