Bone Club(s) beat Armoured Doors?

First of all, kudos if you have used this technique… I admire the amount of time and resources that must go into this… But Bone Clubs alone should not be able to breach Armoured Doors. Salvaged Hammers, fair enough.

This is only effective if the door is backwards. If you placed your door on backwards then you deserve to be raided.

It makes no sense that Armored doors can be destroyed by bone clubs.

I will have to test this. I didn’t pay too much attention to how the door was placed; I just thought it stupid.

All the doors/walls in the game have a weaker side that is more susceptible to damage. Make sure you place them facing the correct way otherwise it makes it far easier for other players to get in.

Oh, yeah. I know that. I was amazed and incredulous when someone suggested that we resort to Bone Clubs. Even if the door was reversed, I fail to see how a bone implement would do damage. But break in they did (I had f8ked off).

Regardless of whether you hit the strong side or the weaker side, a bone club SHOULD NOT be able to breach an armoured door. The same goes for a sheet metal door.

The damage doors take are alsorts of messed up right now, to take a wood door down with a hatchet takes between 600-800 hits on the strong side and around 66 hits on the weak side.
Yet somehow shooting the door with an arrow takes just 200 hits on the strong side…

I’m sure all will be fixed and properly balanced in the future, they just haven’t properly tweaked the damage values yet.

Enjoy being able to take down the doors with bone clubs and arrows for now, it won’t always be like this.

A Rhino has bones, a Rhino would run through your armored doors, there you have it, bones works. :slight_smile:

Occam’s razor. Your logic is infallible :slight_smile:

A rhino would probably not attempt to run through an armored door. They are fairly smart animals with a strong survival instinct.

they even put out fires.

wait, does that mean the natural enemy of bones is the torch?

I mean people forget how strong bones actually are, i seem to remember they are stronger than steel per pound, also its sheet metal door, sheet metal isn’t strong, as for armored doors, it’s just a thin high quality metal coat over sheet metal and welded, still bones are pretty strong, besides they do 1 damage per bone club, seems inefficient to deserve a nerf in the first place. like a guy placing solo would like mosey on down to enemy base and just wack it with whatever bones they find off animals and after a week he can break A door

i always thought of the armoured door as thick plates of metal forming a solid door; the metal tier door is the one i picture being some sheet metal on a welded frame.

A nuclear explosion would devastate an armored door, but you can’t bludgeon it to death with a plutonium rod…

alpha things are constantly being tweaked calm your shit

I’ve been wondering this forever: which side of the door is the soft side? With the hinges on the left, or on the right?

I know we lost the soft side / hard side on walls, but door frames still have them. Stop putting your armor doors in stone walls, people. I get accused of hacking on a regular basis for this.

Nublet: “OMG Maximum Over busted through like 30 doors on my ground floor he’s obviously hacking or the admin!”
Me: “No, you put your loot room on the ground floor and I used the 36k metal and 36k wood you had stored in there to make an unlimited supply of pickaxes for my 3 friends, which we then used to demolish all your door frames because you somehow managed to put literally every single one in backwards. Good job.”
Nublet: “NO U” ragequits

Hinge on left, door opens towards you = weak side.

Think of it like a real door, as practically every real door opens into the room/house. Its also moderately realistic, as the hinges are on the inside.

Walls still have weak side, though sometimes its buggy and depends where you hit.


Stand in the middle of the wall, crouch and back away until you can barely hit it. You are now doing full damage. You can get 3 people on a wall this way.