Bone Manipulation Lua errors

Basically when I use the bone manipulator nothing happens and this pops up in the console.

[lua\includes\modules\properties.lua:9] attempt to call field 'WriteLong' (a nil value)	MsgStart	lua\includes\modules\properties.lua:9	Action	lua\autorun\properties\bone_manipulate.lua:21
	DoClick	lua\includes\modules\properties.lua:51
	unknown	lua\vgui\dlabel.lua:196
	unknown	(tail call):-1
	unknown	lua\vgui\dmenuoption.lua:100

Is there a fix or should I wait until Garry finds out about this problem?

Post it to the Gmod 13 Beta section.

I’m getting this too, I’ll report to Garry, he forgot to rename the a line in the lua coding somewhere…