Bone Merging in Blender

I’m trying to make a weapon in Blender that will use the new viewmodel hands, but I’m having issues. I can’t properly tell where exactly the arms and fingers are. Is there a way to bonemerge a model to another without attaching them?

Why not import the hands into the scene?

If your other model has an exact copy of the skeleton of the model and all, just import one, then import the other (make sure extend existing object is checked). that’s all really, they’ll be separate objects, but use the same skeleton, and if you’ve rigged them both to the appropriate bones and all, just put the skeleton in pose mode, and they’re technically bone merged

I tried doing that but I suppose it’s not that simple.

Is the medkit mesh smd not exported in the A-pose? If it isn’t, you’ll need to slap whoever exported it, and see if you can import the hands first then the weapon second. That will work if the hands happen to have the same weapon bones. If they don’t, fixing it up is probably a bit more of a hassle than just trial and error posing + refeshing HL model viewer until you see that it’s right.

Are you making your own anims?

That’s the medkit reference mesh, which isn’t in a T pose. I got the models from

And yeah, I’m making my own animations. But it looks like creating weapons was intended to just use the c_hands as a base, I guess…

c_hands_citizen on c_medkit’s anim_draw :v:

Yeah, it’s better off to add your own weapon bones to the unposed hands and animate that.

Importing finished stuff and working backwards can be problematic, but is possible. It’s strange though because even L4D(2)'s decompiled weapons are A-posed and you can re-use Valve’s old weapon bones as a starting point if you wanted.

Yeah I guess I’ll just do that.

Here’s something for your time: