Bone Merging in Blender

I’m trying to create a viewmodel that I can attach my weapons to without having to make multiple c_ models, but the latest problem I’ve encountered is getting the model to attach to the arms skeleton in blender.

They bonemerge fine in game:

The root bone is ValveBiped.Anim_Attachment_RH:

I created the ValveBiped.Anim_Attachment_RH bone (parented to ValveBiped.Bip01_R_Hand) in my arm skeleton, it’s just when I import the sword the mesh doesn’t move to where its root bone is.

As you can see, the bone isn’t erased or moved to the origin of the sword.

I’ve noticed in blender the mesh stays relative to the origin, regardless of where the bones are.
But if someone can prove me wrong, please do so.

I recommend just moving the sword mesh manually.

See but I’m not trying to put them both together in Blender to make 1 mesh. I’m trying to see how it will be positioned and angled in the viewmodel. If I manually do it then that destroys the whole purpose.

The plan is to have world models for my weapons, and a single view model that has all the melee animations. Then I’ll bonemerge that weapon’s world model to the view model along with the arm model (gmod_hands)

You could import the sword+its bones and then use a copy transforms constraint on the sword’s ValveBiped.Anim_Attachment_RH bone copying from the player skeleton’s bone.

Thanks. I also had to remove the armature modifier from the sword to get the offsets right as well. Because somewhere along the lines, having it constrained to the bone, and being parented to the bone make its transformation * 2.