Bone Pivoting to Match Valve Biped


I am currently working on porting the Handyman from BioShock Infinite to the Source engine (in this case Garry’s Mod). The model comes with the default bones of the Handyman
and I do not want to remove them and rig them from scratch. I would like to know how to pivot the bones to be the same rotation/orientation that the Valve Biped uses so that people
can actually be able to finger pose the model. I know it’s possible because one of my friend does this to alien player models and they same to work fine
(I can’t ask him for help because his time is 6 hours ahead and he doesn’t go on Steam often).

Any help will be greatly appreciated! :smile:

are you using 3DSMax?

Yes, I am using 3ds Max 2011.

I’m a beginner at the program but from what I know, this is how I would change a bone pivot that seemingly works in SFM.

  • At the top of 3DS Max in the toolbar, change the dropdown box from “view” to “local”
  • select mesh; select skin modifier. In the rollout, goto Advanced Parameters and uncheck “Always Deform”. The model will not longer move with the bones
  • Select the bone’s pivot you want to change. Goto the “Hierarchy” tab and select Affect Pivot Only. Now rotate the bone until the pivot looks as you desire.
  • Recheck “Always Deform” when you’re done.

Does the Valve Biped have to be in a certain rotation or does it have to be the exact rotation? What about rotating it about 90 degrees on the X axis until finger posing works. Do you think that would work or no?

Do you need like a source skeleton in order to match bones to it also?

If you want to then yes. It is not required unless you want to use it as a reference or replace the model’s skeleton with the Half-Life 2 or Counter-Strike: Source biped.

Seems like the bones should be fine for fingerposing

Alright, thanks! I’ll upload some more pictures after I finish exporting it to Garry’s Mod.

Seems to be working, thanks!