Bone Position Confusion

Alright, so I am very new to the modeling game, and I’m not even modeling, I’m porting from another game. I spend hours setting up the skeleton, weighting it to “perfection” (as in autism), and I’m finally satisfied how it looks in blender. Every joint bends properly, bones function great. Then I compile it into a playermodel… Once I get in game, the bones obviously move to the animation of gmod, or whatever. And it’s a complete fuck fest of just bones being rotated wrong, not in the right position so it stretches just enough to look distorted. Then I spend countless hours rotating the bone and/or moving it slightly, re-compiling, re-loading the game. “Oh it made it worse” or I guess a slightly better scenario “I made it 1 stage less cancer”. It takes hours guessing and checking the bone position to see if it looks right in game, because it works fine in Blender.

So I guess my question is: Is there a faster way of doing this? Possibly be able to move and rotate the bones “live” to a gmod standing animation or something, so I can at least adjust the location/rotation of the bone to look normal?

Thanks for any tips or help you can offer, it will be really appreciated.


Trying to get into Blender myself and I’ve run into similar problems lol, anybody got any tips?

Here are some tips:

  1. Make sure everything has the origin set to the same point.

  2. Make sure the bones are named correctly

  3. Make sure you don’t ever apply the armature modifier

  4. You can rotate bones using Lua, but it would be up to you to calculate thinks like IK rules and when things move, etc. Lua lets you directly move a single bone but you’ll need to come up with a way to trigger that code to run at the right moment.