Bone re-name request

So ok, let me explain: Maybe some persons have seen that i’ve already finished a TitanFall I.M.C Pilot, wich included fingerposing and better phyics… Well, it all was in one of my brothers computer, but he left to another province for a year of vacations, and took his computer with him. I’m currently on a notebook wich has Garry’s Mod installed and nothing else (plus a whole bunch of addons), now my problem is that i don’t have any modelling tool that i need to do this by myself (at the moment now, i have less than 1GB of free spae). Before he left, i saw that the TitanFall I.M.C Grunts, used the same skeleton that the Pilots use, so i tried replacing theyr .phy file with the one that i made for the Pilot, but they crashed Gmod due they didn’t had the same bone names: the hands and the fingers had other names. So yeah, if someone is able, please do this for me so then i see, if it works ok, i’ll adjust the VMT settings of them and release them with new physics and finger posing, if they don’t, well, i’ll buy a hard drive for a new computer then… Save some time, here i’m going to leave a link to download them, just change the hands and the finger names to the Valve Biped ones in the I.M.C Grunts only, the Militia ones have facebones so i’m pretty sure they will not work, but try changing the Militia Commander grunt bones too, that one doesn’t has facebones. Here’s the link:

Thanks in advice for whoever is able to do this and sorry for the little request.


'm not going to bump this many times but 2 or 3 i think is a reasonable number

I’m pretty sure you could change the names of the bones in a text editor like Notepad++, but correct me if I’m mistaken.

You could prior to importing them and you can change them in a modeling program, but skeletons are generally made entirely differently to suit the game’s needs. Simply renaming them may result in bones that are twisted due to incorrect orientations. Sometimes the spines in models have less bones and you won’t even have a bone the amount you need. Lastly, bones often have different lengths so you’ll end up with distortions due to stretching or squishing.

Then i where lucky with the Spectres because that’s what i did when i had the programs 'n stuff, directly extracted from the game, changed the bone names and then replaced the .phy file with the new one and the worked flawlessly (not minding the horrid VMT configs;)

I was doing somethings relating to Titnfall’s skeleton to get the weapon models viewhands working, and I saw that Spectre hands and Titan hands all used the same bone structure and names, so I’m assuming the Grunts have a similar situation.

EDIT: I compared the Pilot’s bones list to the Grunt’s, and the only difference was the textures used, so I don’t know why exchanging the .phys files didn’t work.

Well, that’s weird, i compared them both too and they looked almost like the same bones and skeletons where used (well, i think that yes, the skeletons are the same), oh well, i’ll guess i’ll have to wait until i get a new HD to do this